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2011 Artists' Village

Naomi Assenheim - Opal Wing Creations

Naomi's work is intended to intrigue the mind, speak to the heart, adorn the body and nourish the soul. Crystals, fossils and rare gemstones are wrapped and sculpted with silver and gold to transform these earthly wonders into whimsical pieces of jewelry.

Ron Belanger

Ron builds custom steel string guitars, Irish bouzoukis, and Hawaiian steel and resonator guitars. Ron has a knack for coming up with the perfect instrument for each player: Affordable, beautiful looks, amazing playability, balanced tone and a unique voice.

Barbara Buntin

Subtle textures, glowing colours, delicate Japanese papers and boldly expressive line drawings combine in the layers of Barbara's exploration of the unfolding of life. Barbara works in monotype prints, paintings and collage.

Corin Ford Forrester

Corin blends black-and-white photographs of the human form with landscapes, both natural and manmade. Her work explores the tremendous impact that human beings have on the planet, as well as the connection between humans and the natural world.

Lucien Gagnon

Lucien designs and creates garden sculptures from reclaimed woods, metals, and nature's fallen and found. Some of his creations may be used as habitats for birds, bats, butterflies, and toads. Others are sacred sculptures that can create a spiritual sanctuary.

Maia Heissler - Down To Earth Creations

When Maia's career in education ended in motherhood, a door opened to the realm of creative expression. Maia has developed an elfin civilization brought to you in the form of dioramas, with a sideline of cards, lifestones, and a legend.

Lesley Howchin - Moth Jewelry
A dramatic breakaway from popular body adornment, Lesley blurs the lies between garment and art working in waxed linen with endless possibilities.

Lucky Jackson

Lucky's work includes hand embroidered portraits on lovely vintage sheets, as well as "map paintings" and collages. She loves to create something whimsical and fun, with a sense of nostalgia that connects people to a happy sentiment of their own.

Judith Kreps Hawkins

Judith collects all sorts of debris, cast-offs, unlikely materials, junk. She recycles these by putting them together in imaginative ways, often playfully, sometimes seriously, to create inspirational art that causes the viewer to pause and reflect.

Emily Leonard - Under the Willow
Emily first fell in love with henna while studying in Spain and now shares the passion with the talented artists that make up her team. Henna tattooing is a beautiful way of expressing yourself creatively in a non permanent form.

Lisa Marcus - Mermaid Springs Pottery

Lisa's whimsical pieces are thrown on a potter's wheel or hand built in stoneware clay. She often incorporates cats, mermaids, trees or dragons into her designs. She is also inspired by the Ancient Goddess images which adorn some of her pots.

Brian Mantrop - Enchanted Forest Studio
Brian began exhibiting in 1976 and traveling our planet he says "without a verbal language opening me to the vibrations emanating from people and our Environment". He lives in a hand built house with his partner, dogs, cats, gardens and observes the cycles.

Katie McLellan

Organic in appearance, lyrical in nature, Katie's work allows the medium to tell a story. Using new and recycled materials, Katie creates textile and stained glass works which express humour, whimsy and an appreciation of nature's beauty.

Henry Mitchell

"I paint because I love painting. I conceive in my head, but paint with my heart. I deal in abstracted realities and in the abstract. I am entertained when I paint. I am entertained by what I paint. I paint to entertain."

Richard Cox & Glen Wray
Richard and Glenn joined forces in 2010 bringing together their passion for music and woodworking. In addition to beautiful wooden flutes, they are combing their talents to produce original designs for mandolins, bouzoukis and bodhrans.

Rri Povey - Rrijoice

More than wearable art! Rri hand ties and dyes uplifting vibrational clothing. With nature as her biggest inspiration, she creates images of butterflies, dragonflies, turtles and other colorful designs on clothes and fabrics for the entire family.

Sue Tate

Combinations of clay and glaze offer infinite possibilities for expression and variety. With early Canadian, British and French country wares as her inspiration, Sue enjoys using earthenware and stoneware clays to create functional pottery.

Janet Whittam

Janet weaves clothing, accessories, baskets, household linens and rugs using mainly natural fibres with a touch of the unexpected woven in. She prefers vibrant colour combinations and always gives a lot of attention to finishing details.