Contact the SVFF Office September 2 to 4, 2016
Artists' Village 2005

Brian Arsenault, Powassan
Brain has been building rustic furniture for almost 12 years. The materials used are often willow and birch, found in great surplus in his home area. Brain’s work covers a range from baskets to custom fitted chairs and he admits a fondness for creating orders made to the customer’s wishes.

Jamie Ashforth, Thornhill
(905) 709-4196
Jamie has studied various traditional mediums through her formal schooling and is currently exploring art making outside of academia. Jamie finds deep nourishment in creating large scale abstract acrylic paintings, expressing her intuitive perceptions. Jamie will be sharing her painting process with festival goers over the course of the weekend.

Monika Becker, Lifeforms Accessories, Cobourg
(905) 372-7967

Monika uses her work as a means to explore and understand the ways of nature. Using the principles of natural construction, Monika makes wire-wrapped jewelry, candle shades and vessels. Materials include silver, copper and semi-precious stones as well as organic materials such as hemp, birch bark and hand made paper.

Christine Benson, Port Hope
(905) 885-0908

Christine specializes in intricately carved relief prints on natural fibre papers. They reflect the ever changing interaction between urban, rural and natural environments. Christine has also planned all of the activities in the Family and Children’s area at the festival, based on her “Journey Through the Arts” children’s program.

Melanie Browne, Port Hope
(905) 885-6116
Melanie is a painter who works in oils and acrylics and has exhibited in Northumberland County, Bowmanville, Peterborough and Toronto. Currently she is exploring the possibilities of still life painting and its potential for the expression of ideas and emotions.

Veronica Derry, Cobourg
(905) 372-0494
Fibre is Veronica’s medium. Primarily a weaver of rugs, runners and tapestry for more than twenty years, Veronica’s lifelong interest in the many textile arts are converging. By combining woven images, appliqué, stitchery and piecework, paper, vintage fabrics and trims; whimsical vignettes, soft sculpture and cushions emerge. Veronica’s work is inspired by nature, family and friends.

Alex Ferri, Frankford
(613) 398-6703

Alex was drawn to woodwork at an early age, quickly developing his own style, showing originality, sensitivity to the natural world, fascination with mysticism and an understanding of wood. Alex produces ornamental woodwork and cards, often combining scrolled designs with additional carving for exquisite wall pieces and jewelry.

Jim Gledhill, Boxes and Bark, Cobourg
(905) 372-6220
At 53 years of age, Jim has been carving and whittling most of his life. Using mostly local materials, Jim whittles, carves and sculpts pieces to reveal the elusive Wood Spirit. Participation in events such as the Cobourg Farmer’s market and several shows through the year reinforce Jim’s sense of community and allow him to promote the art of wood carving.

Michael Glover, Port Hope “Canada from the Wrong Side of the Tracks” is Michael’s ongoing project of paintings and drawings of his personal cross Canada experience. Works exhibited at the Shelter Valley Folk Festival will include on the spot sketches done during this year’s travels from British Columbia to Newfoundland and Labrador. In addition, festival goers will be treated to several of Michael’s impressive large scale oil on canvas paintings.

Maia Heissler, Frankford
(613) 398-6703
Maia takes pride in her extensive use of natural, found and recycled materials. Nature is her main supplier, and her inspiration, for everything from Christmas ornaments to craft manuals to her “Forest Friends”, a fantasy elfin civilization of Ontario Woodlands, complete with environmental consciousness and earthy spirituality.

The Luthiers’ Co-op
Contact Hugh Hunter, Through the combined efforts of Co-op members Hugh Hunter, Bill Rickard, Ian Coombes and Peter Nemeth, the Co-op has received rave reviews for quality construction and original designs of custom built instruments. Visit their booth to see, hear and play their Banjos, Appalachian Dulcimers and Hammered Dulcimers. The Co-op members will demonstrate their craft at the booth during the festival.

Kathryn McHolm, Port Hope
(905) 753-2196

A lifetime of influences and inspirations has led Kathryn to work in watercolour, drawing, gardening and creating with fibres. Recently, inspired by the work of William Morris, Kathryn has been observing patterns created by flower parts and the relationship between the bird and plant worlds. These observations have culminated in a series of paintings, drawings and recycled paperworks.

Rri Povey, Killaloe
(613) 757-3579

Rri’s purpose is to spread the medicinal joy of colour in a fun, expressive and functional way. Natural fibre materials are dyed using Procion Fibre-reactive dyes mixed with rainwater or melted snow at Rri’s off the grid cabin. Hand stitching creates images like butterflies, dragonflies, turtles, guitars and more. “Happy clothes for happy people.”

Francoise Romard, Brighton
(613) 475-2169

Francoise works in hand built stoneware, experiencing a deep connection to her creative self; a conjuring of the mud-pie designer she used to be. Francoise’s process becomes a healing aspect, rooted in the freedom of play, a meditative link from earth to heart, a creative path from the shaping fingers to the receiving hands.

Max Sexsmith, Peterborough
(705) 745-2863

Max takes a dull chunk of Quebec soapstone and transforms the rock into a beautiful polished figure. By using a variety of saws, chisels, rasps, files and sandpaper Max manipulates the stone into a work of beauty. Max has traveled extensively to study the Inuit style of life and art and likes to share his knowledge and interest with school groups, scout and guide groups and in his interactive displays at shows and festivals.

Brenda Sullivan
Brenda has been making porcelain pottery for over 35 years. Her work ranges from hand built, one of a kind pieces, to production work on the wheel. Brenda focuses on whimsical yet functional pieces and is currently exploring the more sculptural aspect of her work.

Tracy Taylor, Cobourg
(905) 377-1727

Tracy makes pottery with function in mind, good pots for good food. Each piece is handcrafted from stoneware clay on a potter’s wheel and fired in an electric kiln. Glazes and designs are quiet and simple with the pioneer spirit in mind. Be sure to stop by Tracy’s booth and watch her work on the wheel during the festival.