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Artists' Village 2007

Our Artists’ Village is once again filled with an inspiring array of visual artists, showing and selling their high-quality, original work. The Village provides opportunities to chat with artists about their work and creative process, watch demonstrations using a wide variety of media and try your hand at expressing your own creativity.

Grafton •
Elizabeth's handiworks are interwoven closely with her ideal of a simpler and more thoughtful way of life. Hand-bound books, a linen skirt or two, and winsome cloth dolls dressed in old fashions offer a welcome respite from the modern world.

Colborne •
The Colborne Art Gallery is a co-operative of 20 local artists, representing a wide variety of styles and mediums including painting, assemblage, ceramic, wood, printmaking, pastel and encaustic, to name a few. The works of a number of these artists will be represented at the Festival.

Paintings - Port Hope •
Ann Marie has been painting for about ten years, mostly in acrylics on small canvasses. Her free-spirited images touch on a number of themes, often inviting the viewers to interpret them with their own stories.

Fibre art - Cobourg •
With a background in textile design and twenty years as a weaver of rugs, runners and tapestry, Veronica's lifelong interest in the many textile arts are converging. Veronica combines vintage textiles, buttons, trims, papers and woven bits to create whimsical vignettes, soft sculpture and cushions, inspired by nature, family and friends.

Frankford •
Alex was drawn to woodwork an early age. Once he mastered some basic techniques, he quickly went on to develop his own style. His designs show originality, sensitivity for the natural world, and a fascination with mysticism. Alex combines fretwork and carving for earthy wall pieces and jewelry.

Brampton •
Sharon is an artist who has a crush on glass! Fun, bright, silly and beautiful lampworked beads are her specialty. Her one-of-a-kind glass jewelry is art that you can wear.

Puslinch •
Lucien is a self-taught artisan who designs and creates rustic and unique garden sculptures, some of which may be used as habitats for wild birds, bats, and butterflies, while others are purely ornamental. He also creates Sacred Sculptures such as temples, churches, spirit houses, altars, and shrines.

Photography - Colborne •
After trying out his first digital camera, Jesse quickly became obsessed with the idea of capturing images. Jesse’s photography gravitates towards landscape, cityscape, and abstract imagery and involves various methods of printing and framing.

Frankford •
Maia’s work reflects profound personal and social values and life-affirming insights, with a close connection and sensitivity to nature and the environment. Nature is her main supplier – and her inspiration – for everything from Christmas ornaments to craft manuals to her “Forest Friends”, a fantasy elfin civilization of Ontario Woodlands, complete with environmental consciousness and earthy spirituality.

Acton •
Through the combined efforts of members Hugh Hunter and David Sanderson, the Luthiers’ Co-op has been receiving rave reviews for quality of construction and originality of design for their custom-built instruments. Visit their booth to see, hear and play their banjos, mandolins and other stringed instruments. Their sound brings joy to the soul.

Mixed media - Welcome •
Kathryn's work is quite spontaneous, whether it’s drawn, painted, or created from recycled material. This year her theme is “the Harvest” and includes renditions in watercolour, pencil, and plant materials, exploring the natural landscape.

Painting - Trenton •
Henry explores notions of the abstract, painting mainly in fluid acrylics on canvas, paper and masonite. His work contains humour, whimsy and dreams, but never nightmares.

Photography - Montreal, PQ •
Joshua photographs both the real and the potentially real. In his work, the fertile, rolling earth of the Northumberland Hills quarrels fiercely with the awesome disorder of urban sprawl and inner-city decay, foreshadowing the creeping threat of development and erosion of our rural peace.

Northumberland County •
The Northumberland Rug Hookers are a group of more than 65 fibre artists, engaged in the traditional craft of rug-hooking. Often reclaimed wool fabric is used to create an amazing scope of designs that are both cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Tie-Dye - Killaloe •
Rri's “Happy Clothes for Happy People” feature intricate and colourful designs. In Rri’s off-the-grid cabin, near Algonquin Park, such images as butterflies, dragonflies, turtles and guitars are tie-dyed onto T-shirts and other clothing. Rainbows and wild, colour explorations will tempt those from infancy to elderhood.

Pottery - Brighton •
In the process of using clay, Françoise experiences a deep connection to her creative self; a conjuring of the mud-pie designer she used to be. Françoise’s process becomes a healing aspect, rooted in the freedom of play, a meditative link from earth to heart, a creative path from the shaping fingers to the receiving hands.

Watercolour - Elora •
Primarily a watercolour painter, Arlene is drawn to subjects that evoke memories or thoughts of a more simple and quiet time. Arlene is intrigued by the infinite reactions of the right mixtures of paint and water, enjoying the challenge of incorporating these gifts of the medium.

Soapstone sculpture - Peterborough

Max takes a dull chunk of Quebec soapstone and transforms the rock into a beautiful polished work of beauty. Max has traveled extensively to study the Inuit style of life and art and likes to share his knowledge. During the festival, Max will provide the materials and tools for Festival-goers to use their imaginations and create their own works of art.

Printmaking, sculpture - Montreal,PQ

A printmaker and sculptor, Janita is concerned with the visual distillation of her experience in the world. A horizon line, a green field, a house, a human shape, a doorway; these recurring images are her codes created to explore how her experiences of home, place, and landscape become a method of self-definition and development.

Artists Village Workshop
Just as the kids have their space to explore and create in the Family and Children’s Village, teens and adults are welcome to visit the Artists’ Village workshop tent and take part in ongoing, hands on activities. Whether you are an accomplished artist, or haven’t picked up a crayon since kindergarten, here is your chance to make your creative mark during the Festival. Please sign up in advance as space is limited.

Sat. 12 pm – Real and Imagined Spaces
Come share your impressions of the notion of ‘Favourite Spaces’ and join in the cocreation of the SVFF site in this sculpture workshop. The process begins as a group in the workshop tent, and will continue to develop at Janita’s tent over the weekend.

Sat. 2 pm – Faces of the Festival
This fun and interactive drawing workshop will create the beginning of a collection of portraits that will grow over the course of the festival. Make a self portrait; draw a stranger or a friend, beginners welcome

Sat. 4 pm – A Conversation in Lines
It’s always a joyful occasion when the lines in music and drawing converge. Creaking Tree String Quartet brings a lively mixture of tunes for you to respond to. All drawing materials are provided, just bring an open imagination.

Sun. 11 am – Demonstration by the Northumberland Rug Hookers
Here is a chance to watch history unfold, return to memories of our grandmother’s time and rediscover this cost-efficient and environmentally friendly craft using reclaimed materials.

Sun. 1 pm – Artists’ Village Tour
Do you ever wonder where an artist’s inspiration comes from? Join our informal tour around the village as we chat with several artists about their own work, exploring individual styles and common themes. Bring your thoughts and questions about inspiration and creativity and join the group, beginning at the Artists’ Village Workshop Tent.

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