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Artists' Village 2006

Jamie Ashforth
Thornhill ON

Jamie feels that a piece of art is a window into the artist’s mind. It is a depiction of human experience, including everyone as a whole and as individuals. Jamie has become aware, recently, of the windows and doors that have emerged in her artwork. These images reflect the physical spaces that she has traveled through, and are metaphors for change, renewal, opportunity and possibility. Although they are diverse in size and medium, the works are linked in style, colour and theme.

Elizabeth Barlow, Resolutely Outmoded
Grafton ON

Proclaiming herself “Resolutely Outmoded”, Elizabeth creates handmade cloth dolls winsomely dressed in historical clothing, using natural fibers such as linen, cotton, wool, alpaca and silk.  Elizabeth makes use of recycled fabrics and leftover scraps whenever possible, taking pleasure in turning them into lovely things.  Elizabeth makes people sized garments too, all crafted of natural fibers and inspired by historical designs.

Monika Becker, Lifeforms
Cobourg ON

Monika is a jewelry/metal artist who is constantly finding new ways to express herself through the splendid forms provided by nature.  Monika treats the jewelry she makes as tiny works of wearable art, exploring texture, composition and landscape imagery with diverse materials including traditional metals such as silver and unorthodox components such as birch bark and handmade paper.

Veronica Derry
Cobourg ON
905- 372-0494

Fibre is Veronica’s medium. With a background in textile design and twenty years as a weaver of rugs, runners and tapestry, Veronica’s lifelong interest in the many textile arts are converging. Veronica combines vintage textiles, buttons, trims, papers and woven bits to create whimsical vignettes, soft sculpture and cushions.  Veronica’s work is inspired by nature, family and friends.

Alex Ferri
Frankford ON
613- 398-6703,

Alex was drawn to woodwork at an early age, quickly developing his own style, showing originality, sensitivity to the natural world, fascination with mysticism and an understanding of wood. Alex produces ornamental woodwork and cards, often combining scrolled designs with additional carving for exquisite wall pieces and jewelry. 

Lucien Gagnon
Puslinch ON

Lucien Gagnon is a self-taught artisan who designs and creates rustic and unique Garden Sculptures, some of which may be used as habitats for wild birds, bats, and butterflies, while others are only for your enjoyment. He also creates Sacred Sculptures such as, temples, churches, Spirit houses, altars, and shrines

Jim Gledhill, Boxes and Bark
Cobourg ON
905- 372-6220,

Jim is an artist who is seeking the perfect piece, a single surface and a single incision with universal understanding.  His wooden creations involve texture, line, inserted agates and minerals, creating a complex dialogue for the viewer.  Jim’s work is all to be handled and he encourages the festival going public to feel with their hands as well as their eyes.

Yusun Ha 
Cobourg ON, 905-885-1422

Yusun draws inspiration from all her surroundings, whether it be the soft folds of a fabric or the sensation of caressing a peony in full bloom.  Yusun uses a wide range of materials, such as freshwater pearls, sea bamboo, coconut shell, fabric, ebony and semi-precious stones and minerals to create her unique, one of a kind jewelry, in the hopes that the jewelry helps the wearer express herself.

Maia Heissler, Down to Earth Creations
Frankford ON
613- 398-6703,,

Maia takes pride in her extensive use of natural, found and recycled materials. Nature is her main supplier, and her inspiration, for everything from Christmas ornaments to craft manuals to her “Forest Friends”, a fantasy elfin civilization of Ontario Woodlands, complete with environmental consciousness and earthy spirituality.

Hugh Hunter, MidnightSpecial Instruments
Acton ON

Hugh Hunter started instrument building six years ago.  The simple lines, complex construction and haunting sounds of the instruments still intrigue him.  Hugh custom builds banjos and dulcimers as well as repairing these instruments.  Please feel free to play the instruments.  Their sound brings joy to the soul.

Kathryn McHolm
Port Hope ON
905- 753-2196

Kathryn’s artwork often reflects her immediate surroundings; the goings on in the backyard habitat she has created gives her much subject matter. In it’s midst, she watercolours, draws and makes paper from recycled fibres. Her observations of migration, nest building and interaction between wild birds and animals as well as her domestic guinea fowl are often transferred to paper. Kathryn is showcasing her bird related work at this year’s festival.

Rri Povey, Rrijoice Tie-Dyes
Killaloe ON,\rrijoice_tie_dyes

Rri’s “Happy Clothes for Happy People” feature intricate and colourful designs created in the woods just east of Algonquin Park.  From Rri’s off the grid cabin, such images as butterflies, dragonflies, turtles and guitars are tie-dyed onto tee shirts and various other clothing.  Rainbows and other wild colour explorations will tempt those from infancy to elder hood.

Françoise Romard
P.O. Box 1063, Brighton ON

Françoise works in hand built stoneware, experiencing a deep connection to her creative self; a conjuring of the mud-pie designer she used to be.  Françoise’s process becomes a healing aspect, rooted in the freedom of play, a meditative link from earth to heart, a creative path from the shaping fingers to the receiving hands.

Arlene Saunders

Arlene is primarily a watercolour painter, who is drawn to subjects that evoke memories or thoughts of a more simple and quiet time. 'A peaceful feeling' is the phrase that Arlene hears most often when people are viewing her work for the first time. Arlene finds the infinite reactions of the right mixtures of paint and water most intriguing, and enjoys the challenge of incorporating these Gifts of the medium.

Max Sexsmith
705- 745-2863,

Max takes a dull chunk of Quebec soapstone and transforms the rock into a beautiful polished work of beauty. Max has traveled extensively to study the Inuit style of life and art and likes to share his knowledge. During the festival, Max will provide the materials and tools for festival goers to use their imaginations and create their own works of art.

Aida Sine
Baltimore ON

Aida’s primary focus recently has been printmaking.  She is currently experimenting with an array of monoprint techniques and is fascinated by the endless methods that can be used to produce a variety of results. Anything which can leave a unique texture in the ink or modify the transfer of ink is worth trying.  Aida feels that creativity finds no boundaries in the discipline of printmaking using a monoprint process.

Deb Shea, Five Women and Some Art
Lanark ON,

Five Women and Some Art is an artistic collective of rural Canadian artists. Their philosophy is to foster community, co-operation and growth amongst their group by providing support and creative feedback in a fun and inspiring environment.  The artists work in acrylics, watercolours, oils, encaustic and pottery.  Their subject matter includes people, landscapes, abstracts and wildlife.

Janita Wiersma
Cobourg, ON
905 342 3666,

Janita employs the mediums of printmaking and sculpture to explore ideas of transition, turmoil and the infinite possibilities that are open to us when we acknowledge the world and ourselves as constantly in flux.  Janita is interested in discovering spaces and passage ways that can lead us into another realm of experience, or guide us closer to the divine within ourselves, if we choose it.