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December 8th, 2017
At the Special Meeting of the General Membership this week, the assembled community members discussed the challenges facing the organization and thoughts about the future.  
Some of those challenges and factors include low gate sales at the festival this year, indicating low support for the festival in the local community, and the large numbers of events, festivals, and cultural organizations that exist now in Northumberland County which didn't exist 15 year ago, before the festival was founded.

After discussion, the following motion was made by Board Chair Candace Shaw:
"It is our intention, as members in good standing, to close out and dissolve the Shelter Valley Folk Festival Inc., and dispose of all assets in accordance with the bylaws and the rules governing not-for-profit charitable organizations."

It was seconded by Noah Sullivan, and the vote which followed had an overwhelming majority of members in favour of the motion.

The vote was made with a great deal of thought, much sadness, and a strong love for the community that was brought together by the festival and which will continue long after the organization has ceased to exist.

In the coming months, Staff and the Board of Directors will go through the process of disposing of any remaining chattels (mostly office furniture, merchandise), finding a home for our wonderful archive, wrapping up relationships with granting organizations and funders, and following the legal processes involved in dissolving a charitable organization.
If you would like to assist in this process, please contact Kim at


Febuary 2017-  Our Annual General Meeting for 2016 was held in Grafton on Febuary 4th, you can find those minutes HERE, they will also be archived with meeting minutes. 

Thank you to those who have been putting their brains to work in finding ideas to help make this organization a more sustainable creature! 

Please find a copy of the notes taken at the last meeting HERE. 

Find a copy of our statement to the community in regards to the nominating process for board members below. 




Recently, questions have been raised regarding Shelter Valley Folk Festival’s process for nominating board members.

Under the current bylaws, to be nominated for the SVFF board of directors, a person must be a voting member.

“8.02.3     Voting MEMBER: Individuals who have volunteered for two (2) consecutive years, or two (2) of three (3) consecutive years with active general membership in all three (3) years, become voting members. Voting members are eligible for election. Conditions of voting membership must be maintained each year to retain voting rights and election privileges.”

Since the writing of this bylaw, the Festival’s practice has been to require that the two consecutive years, or two of three consecutive years, must be completed before the Annual General Meeting following their second festival. For instance, if you volunteer in 2016 and 2017, you will become a voting member at the AGM held in the winter of 2018.

This month, a committee of the board, made up of volunteers and board members have been contacting voting members who are eligible to stand for nomination as outlined in the SVFF bylaws.

We attempted to contact each person who was eligible. This list came to approximately 115 people.

Bylaws can be changed by an organization. Until they are, they are the rules an organization must follow to govern itself.

We invite anyone interested for further conversation about the nominating process speak to a board member, or to attend one of our upcoming community meetings. Next meeting date is Debember 12th. 

Copies of the Shelter Valley bylaws are available to any member of the public upon request, or can be veiwed here