Shelter Valley Folk Festival, Sept 4-6, 2015


The Shelter Valley Folk Festival celebrates music, juried art, wellness, sustainable living and harvest food in the heart of Northumberland County through an annual Labour Day Weekend festival, an Artists in the Schools program, a Community Concert Series, and Local Songwriters Showcase..



Grassroots * Community * Culture


The Shelter Valley Folk Festival…

  1. Honours and respects the commitment and contributions of its volunteers
  2. Commits to accountable and prudent use of all resources
  3. Promotes individuality and inclusivity while encouraging a sense of community
  4. Enriches the cultural life of Northumberland County
  5. Offers respectful treatment of artists, staff, volunteers and audience
  6. Selects participants on the basis of being genuine, creative and unique
  7. Celebrates the work of national and regional performing artists
  8. Showcases local artists, artisans, wellness practitioners and food vendors
  9. Promotes conservation by educating participants on alternative living modes
  10. Encourages donors, patrons, partners and volunteers with the above shared values