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2015 Songwriters Showcase

SVFF's Local Songwriters Showcase application: Closed for 2015

General Information
"Participant" refers to the chosen Showcase Participants who will be selected from all
applications and will perform at the Songwriters' Showcase.
"Finalist" refers to the three chosen Festival Finalists, who will perform at the Festival.

The Local Songwriters Showcase celebrates original songwriting with a focus on the quality of your lyrics and melody. Applicants are asked to provide two original songs (new to Shelter Valley) either written or co written, along with a lyric sheet for each. An application (link below) must accompany your submitted music (by CD, tape, electronic delivery).

Performance Details
Should you be chosen as a one of our "Showcase Participants" please note the performance is acoustic with solo, duos or group vocalists. Participants must be able to attend the July 30th evening Showcase Event in downtown Cobourg. "Finalists" must be able to attend the 2015 Festival, September 4-6.

Important Dates
Deadline: CLOSED FOR 2015
Showcase Event: July 30, 2015

2015 FINALISTS: Cale Crowe, Cheryl Casselman, and Ellen Torrie

Submissions and Process
The Artistic Director will review all submissions and choose ten "Showcase Participants" for the summer Local Songwriters Showcase event. A jury of music industry professionals, and the audience, will score the ten Participants. In the case of a tie the Artistic Director's decision is final. Audience score sheets must include scoring for all ten Showcase Participants to be counted. Results will be posted on our web site the following day.

Eligibility Guidelines for Participants
1. Submissions are accepted from the area defined as: West to Hwy 34/Darlington, North to Peterborough/Peterborough County, Northumberland County, Hastings County, East to Odessa/Road6/Wilton Rd.

2. All Participants must be residents of the defined area above, or have attended High School within this area.
3. There is no age limit.
4. Participants must be Landed Immigrants or hold Canadian citizenship.
5. The Local Songwriters Showcase is open to applicants who have not achieved:

  • Regular "rotation"/significant national airplay of their songs/music
  • national music award/s for any of their song writing/music
  • a recording contract/agreement with a music producer/distributor
  • Songwriters Showcase helps grow local, emerging songwriters still relatively unknown on a provincial and national  level and therefore may limit participation.

6. Past Participants are welcome to reapply. Past "Festival Finalists" (final three) may reapply but must leave two years between their achievement of "Finalist".

SVFF's Local Songwriters Showcase application: Closed for 2015