Contact the SVFF Office September 2 to 4, 2016
Sustainable Living Village

The Sustainable Living component of the Festival Village strives to educate and inform by way of exhibits and interaction with festival-goers that highlight alternatives to our day-to-day uses and practices.

Here you'll find learning and options for more ecologically friendly practices including efficient building techniques, fuel consumption management, healthy food choices and nutritional discoveries. The opportunity to learn through displays and workshops, and to interact with contributors is an important part of the weekend's programming. Past exhibits and learning have included organic gardening practices, maintaining bees, building your own adobe oven, composting through vermiculture, and best food storage practices.

Wellness and Sustainable Living Villages

We are committed to offering opportunities for Festival visitors to explore new and
innovative choices for wellness and sustainable living.

Our Wellness and Sustainable Living Resource Tents offer a wide selection of information, supported by friendly and knowledgeable volunteers to assist you.

The Treatment Tent provides an ongoing schedule of practitioners offering a wonderful variety of hands-on mini treatments. Sign up at the Wellness Resource Tent for a 15-minute relaxing and rejuvenating treatment.

The Sustainable Living Workshop Tent offers a schedule of interactive presentations, featuring members of our local community as well as contributors from farther afield, all with a passion and dedication to sharing their knowledge and offering new experiences. Come by to listen, experience and share your own thoughts.

Would you like an Application to participate? Click here.